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Facilities & Faculty

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© DAC Inc.

Asa Jupoa

President & Founder

Asa is the co-founder of DAC Inc. Thailand. Asa has worked for the organisation since 1994 and has rescued hundreds of vulnerable children. She is now the president of DAC Inc. Asa continues to rescue, educate and train the vulnerable children in Northern Thailand.

Dr. Kevin L Ferguson MD

Physician, Director Medical Education & Clinics

Dr. Ferguson is practicing Emergency & Critical Care physician. He has supported the work of DAC over 10 years with faculty, residents and medical students from the University of Florida when he was the faculty director of Project Thailand.  It is his vision to lead the development of the school of medical arts creating a sustainable system for providing healthcare for all the tribes in the mountains.

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© DAC Inc.
© DAC Inc.

DAC Board & on site staff.


Amporn is a co-founder of DAC Inc. Amporn was the first manager of DAC Inc. Training Centre in northern Thailand. For the first 7 years of the organisation, she helped, rescued, educated and trained hundreds children as the manager of the Training Centre. Today, Amporn has gone on to develop her own farm and business, but still supports the organisation of DAC Inc.

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Abusah was the second manager of DAC Inc. Training Centre. Abusah and Dang, her husband, have been involved with the organisation from the very beginning. Abusah and Dang managed the whole Training Centre and taught the children.

School, Dorm & site infratructure

#1 project dollars to complete the school and renovate dormitories both for students and for visiting faculty. The foundation of the school is complete in several classrooms have been finished to the point of having floors and windows and doors. We need to add the second story, and complete the finishing work in the classroom including floors, electricity, Wi-Fi, plumbing etc. dormitories as well require renovation to accommodate our visiting medical faculties as well as housing for our future students.

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