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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer?

  • General Volunteers
    We are always in need of volunteers to help with day-to-day tasks at the mission.  Our general contractor has agreed to allow volunteer labor and the renovation and construction of the schools. They will deduct this "sweat equity" from our construction expense making this one of the best ways to donate. If you can turn a wrench, paint, have a strong back and a willing heart you can make a large contribution.

  • Tradesman
    Skilled and licensed volunteer tradesmen are in high demand to help keep the mission’s facilities in a safe and livable condition for the children. These could be minor repairs or assisting with major construction and renovation projects or just periodic routine maintenance. We encourage organised teams with their arrivals arranged with the mission staff so that transportation to the mission and on-site can be arranged.

  • Teachers
    Most of the children who arrive at the mission have never had any formal education. Qualified and licensed Teachers are in need to provide the education the children deserve. To help them shape their future, we must provide them with a well-rounded education. We are in need of Teachers for English, technical skills, sports, crafts and basic hygiene.

  • Nurses
    Nurse volunteers can play a very important roll in preparing our children to deal with day-to-day hygiene, and assist with our clinics and vaccination programs. Again, we are seeking single persons or teams to visit at least every six months.

  • Dentists
    Our children are in need of regular dental care to include screening for dental repairs, as well as oral hygiene treatment. We welcome teams of dental academics and their senior students or practitioners who wish to have an overseas multicultural experience. We envision that teams would visit the Mission at least every 6 months. The Mission would schedule these visits at the times convenient to the volunteer teams.

  • Doctors
    Almost all of the children arriving at the mission have never been seen by a medical doctor. We hope to begin a regular health care program that includes checkups, inoculations,  etc. As part of the development of medical education will be regularly scheduled clinics involving student trainees and visiting physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals.

Can Individuals come?  How large a group can be accommodated?

Individuals can volunteer and will be added to other small groups or large groups during the planning phase. During this time individuals and small groups combined with other groups in contact with each other for introductory and synchronization of planning. Group size this time is limited by local housing. However, the first project will be to expand housing for volunteers as well as students on campus. At this time were anticipating groups between 10 and 20 volunteers.

How much does it cost?

Volunteers are responsible for their own travel expenses. We will assist you with making reservations for local  housing. Volunteers will be provided with food and drink equivalent to two meals plus snacks per day, and is included in this part of their donation most hotels provide breakfast.

Food & Drink             US$ 30/day   

local room w Brkfst   US$ 35-60/day

Where is the school?  Where will clinics be held?

School is located at the rescue mission for children outside of mae suai in Chiang Rai province.  The clinics are held various places including villages in the mountains of northern Thailand between Chiang Dao and Chiang Rai.

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