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Global First Responders


Sweat equity is a wonderful way to contribute. Organize a group to come and assist with construction. Our contractors are more than willing to work with people with a willing heart and a strong back. If you can turn a wrench, paint, and perform moderate labor you can contribute to building the school. The contractor will refund the labor costs of construction.  This allows individuals to donate thousands of dollars.  We can assist with nearby accommodations, as well as tools and construction supplies.

Medical Clinic Groups

We will organize semiannual clinics to be held either in the villages or nearby facilities. Physicians, nurses, medical technicians, laboratory technicians, dentists and ophthalmologists/optometrists are welcome to volunteer. We can assist with local accommodations.

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We are registered charity in Thailand and have partnered with Global First Responders to help volunteers in America.

Thailand Donate at: LINK

In USA & UK we  have partnered with Global First Responders

for the trips

Volunteer for trips, Donate for the supplies or both.

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Association for Development for Thai-Hill Tribe Children always appreciates suggestions, assistance, donations and referrals. If you'd like to volunteer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We'll also respond to any questions regarding our academics, events, students, staff or anything else.

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