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The Academy

Program & Curriculum

Basic Science Education at local college

Part of the curriculum will be a focus on training and the medical arts to level of proficiency permitting them to organize and run clinics, documenting medical histories and provide primary physical examinations, vaccinations, prenatal care and the ability to procure medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. Instruction will be online as well as in person. Personal, hands-on instruction will be provided by physicians and medical students from United States medical schools on a regular schedule. Hands-on instruction will include  physical examination, vaccination, phlebotomy, charting, treatment of simple primary disorders such as dehydration, diarrhea, parasites such as lice, tics and scabies, and other maladies requiring less than physicians level of skill. Identifying patients who require higher level of care and knowing the mechanisms of bringing the patients to that care.

Web based electronic medical records will allow tele-consultation with Medical school faculty.  We will partner with local providers who can provide higher level and specialty care.


Medical skills training

Students will be enrolled in online college curriculum focusing on English skills, biology and other basic sciences necessary for career in medical arts. Students will live on-site and be provided access to school supplies including medical equipment, computers, library, study rooms, & computers with Internet access.



Our leadership and many of our teachers are from the Hills tribes and understand the culture and easily develop caring relationships with our students, allowing for the adaptation of curricula to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of everyone. We already support dozens of children in high school providing us with the opportunity to recruit to the medical arts program.
Our student experience is enriched by athletics, volunteer opportunities, organizing clinics, and other events to develop caring medical providers.

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Student Life

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Admissions Process


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